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We are pleased to announce that we will periodically send you public relations materials regarding our country including culture and sport, hoping that you would continue to be our friend, as well as the bridge between your country and Japan.


Today we would like to share the following 5 contents including “We Are Tomodachi (Autumn Edition, 2017), the feature article titled “investing in Japan”, and the video features how Japan helps other nations address “water-related challenges ” , among others. We strongly hope it would match your interests.


1.We Are Tomodachi (Vol.26)


“We Are Tomodachi” is an official online magazine that introduces Japan’s attraction and its deep multifaceted ties with the rest of the world to our country’s friends (tomodachi) across the globe.  The featured topic in the Autumn issue is “Hand in Hand for a Better World.” We focus on the sharing of Japanese-style education abroad, supporting smallholder farmers in Africa, and the providing of solutions for sustainable growth in developing countries by Japan’s small and medium enterprises. In addition to a contributed article by Izumi Nakamitsu, the first Japanese woman to serve as Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations, other articles in this latest issue cover such topics as “The World Expo 2025 Osaka, Kansai” and the safe and delicious foods of Fukushima Prefecture.


2.Highlighting JAPAN (Vol. 113 October 2017)



“Highlighting JAPAN” is an official monthly online magazine to promote understanding of Japan for the people around the world, with variety of themes such as“Safety First,” “The World of Japanese Cuisine,” “Living Heritage”.

The feature of the October issue, titled "investing in Japan,” introduces efforts currently underway to create a more attractive environment for potential investors.  It also highlights examples of ongoing investments, including an amusement park and an interior retailer.


3.Japan Video Topics


Japan Video Topics offers various aspects of Japanese culture, nature, science and technology, etc. Narration is provided in English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, Portuguese and Japanese. The videos have been provided for various TV networks in the world so that they can be broadcast for free.


4.Videos on Japan’s Foreign Policy


These videos introduce viewers to Japan’s various contributions to the international community. This video features how Japan helps other nations address water-related challenges by drawing upon Japan’s past experience and expertise in solving similar problems.



5.Japan Environment Quarterly(JEQ)


JEQ is an international Quarterly published by MOEJ. This Quarterly includes various articles that covers such topics as the latest efforts to address environmental issues, work undertaken by the private sector and NGOs in Japan and abroad, and introductions to Japan's National Parks.


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