Cursos de Língua Japonesa

A AOTS desenvolveu um método exclusivo, muito eficaz de ensino da língua japonesa para não japoneses.

Filiais de grandes empresas japonesas utilizam nossos serviços.

Chame um representante do Instituto AOTS BRASIL para conhecer o método.

ACESSE: AOTS e-learning.


AOTS Nihongo-learning

The Japanese Language Training Center (JLTC), an arm of the ARI, has offered the AOTS Nihongo e-learning programs.

The online self-learning material is best suited to those who are too busy to study at school, or hard to find Japanese instructors in their own countries.

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Choose the best for you among the four courses (Free trial available).

1) Hiragana and Katakana (3 months) JPY 7500

2) Basic Kanji (3 months) JPY 7500

3) Beginner’s Nihongo (6 months) JPY 25000

4) Business Nihongo (6 months) JPY 25000


A truly multi-lingual software usable in five languages: Thai, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Chinese and English.

No one else has offered such a wide selection.

Easy to use with photos and motion pictures.

Compatible with Windows, Macintosh and Tablets.